Like most dentists do, I run a small business, not a small department in a large corporation; so I provide the same personal service you provide your patients.  I am personally responsible for your satisfaction and personally accountable for the quality of my work. 

When you use All-Tex because you want to support a small business; you'll stay with All-Tex for the personal service.

I know you likely have a favorite handpiece or two, and that you'd prefer to have them back in your capable hands as quickly as possible.  I provide 24-48 hour turn-around for most pneumatic high-speeds.

When you use All-Tex for our rapid turn-around; you'll stay with All-Tex because your needs are met.

Repairing handpieces is not rocket science, or dentistry, for that matter!  But it does require a fine touch, knowledge of the tool and its capabilities, as well as its limitations. 

When you use All-Tex because handpiece repair is the primary focus; you'll stay with All-Tex because

the job is done right and done with a smile.

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